Star Wars Weekends, Week 4

More and more pics from Star Wars Weekends this week. Mike Quinn and Warwick Davis were the guest stars, and fun guest stars they were. Warwick, who played Wicket the Ewok in “Return of the Jedi” (as well as several roles in “The Phantom Menace”) showed us just what a versatile and quick actor he was by playing several of his characters on stage for us. He even lead the audience in a charms lesson from Harry Potter. So watch out if he see me swishing and flicking — “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Mike Quinn is another incredible guy. He puppeteered Nien Nunb, the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon in “Return of the Jedi”. Before that, he worked for the Henson company as a puppeteer. Turned out he lived not too far from the studios where “The Muppet Show” was made when he was a kid, and he just bribed his way past the guards and met with Jim and crew and showed them his puppeteering work and eventually got hired. He’s also worked as a digital animator for Pixar, animating the marionettes in the Woody’s Roundup sequences in “Toy Story 2”. Now he’s doing face acting. Pretty amazing guy.

Enjoy the pics. Really, there’s some video coming some day. Gallery, the software I use to manage all the pics, just doesn’t like uploading video right now, so I’m going to have to build some links.

Star Wars Weekends, Week 3

Been very busy so I haven’t had time until now to get pics from Star Wars Weekends, Week 3, up on the site. This was the best weekend because it featured the guy who is easily the best of the Star Wars Stars — Anthony Daniels. Anthony puts on the greatest show for the fans, and seems to have a great time doing it.

Also visiting this week, Andy Secombe, who played everyone’s favorite Toydarian junk dealer, Watto. Andy is great fun as well — he’s a really creative guy and he loves doing the Watto voice for the fans. He’s got a couple of comedic fantasy novels out — I’m going to pick them up and write a review on the site once I’ve read them.

I’m going to try to get some short videos out on the site from this weekend. They might not be out there right away, but I’ll get them out there at some point soon!

Star Wars Weekends, Week 2 up!

“Star Wars Weekends” continues at the Disney-MGM Studios and I have even more pics for you this week! Check out Jerome Blake, who played tons of characters in Episode I & II and does an excellent Darth Vader imitation. He told this joke in his “Legends of the Force” interview:

Darth Vader walks onto the bridge of the Death Star and declares, “I know what Luke Skywalker is getting for Christmas!”

His officers look at him, aghast! “How can you know, my Lord?!”

“I have felt his presents…..”

Also this week, larger than life Peter Mayhew, who plays the mighty Chewbacca joins us! He’s got a part in Episode III and he mentioned that he hadn’t yet filmed it. Be on the lookout for that on the Hyperspace webcam perhaps!

So enjoy the pics! I had lots of fun taking them for ya!

Star Wars Weekends, Week 1

A short while ago, in a galaxy just next door….

It is a period of fun. Fan vehicles, striking from all over the country have descended on the Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park at the WALT DISNEY WORLD� Resort for Star Wars Weekends 2004!

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker, Episode I), and a huge cast of Star Wars characters were there to greet them for weekend 1. I’ve got pictures and commentary for you. And we’re just getting started with the excitement!

The Gallery is Open

I’ve added a few albums to the gallery. One features pictures I took when Natasha and I visited MegaCon 2004, the largest sci-fi fantasy event here in Central Florida.

The other, is, of course, our cats. It’s a little adventure they had with a lizard. You can find them via the links on the left, under “Events”.

12/18/2007 – I’ve stopped using Gallery for images, so I’m moving the images originally onto the site into the Simple Viewer plugin. I’ll be adding the images directly to the older posts as quick as I can.

2006.08.28 – I’m finally getting around to updating some of the missing pictures, by moving them to Picasa. Here’s the cat pictures.

I’m going to skip posting the MegaCon pics because, looking back, they weren’t very interesting.