My Wife and My Top 5 Guesses for What’s Going in Now at the Local Strip Mall

My wife and my top 5 guesses for what’s going on the new pad in the strip mall:

  1. Another bank
  2. Yet another Walgreens (because there’s a CVS across the street)
  3. Yet another CVS (because there’s a Walgreens across the other street…seriously, it’s like tic-tac-toe)
  4. Yet another Publix supermarket with yet another Subway (because the closest place with both of those is a mile away, although our next door neighbors are now a Subway…)
  5. Yet another liquor store, so we can all drown our sorrows about yet another strip mall

Will Ferrell Takes A Dump On My Childhood – Land of the Lost

Why, oh why are they making a movie of Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell being a total ass?

The TV series was probably just about my favorite show of all time. Dinosaurs. Time travel. Dimensional hopping. Deep science fiction. Crystals. Ape people. Fantasy. Sleestak that scared the crap out of me, for crying out loud! It was truly a mind-stretching experience for a young person interested in fantasy and science fiction.

If you watch the trailer with the sound off, it’s beautiful. It looks like something I would have drooled to see, minus Will Ferrell and the lame ass assistants of his.  (And I’m NOT linking to the trailer. Google it, if you want. I’m pissed at the moviemakers.) The effects are gorgeous. The shot of all the Sleestak made me jump out of my seat and cheer. And then I went back to brooding about what a total piece of drek they were turning out. It’s just like Eddie Murphy and The Haunted Mansion — we could have had a great movie, instead we got a vehicle for a star with a lack of respect for the original material.

The series is great. Natasha bought me the DVDs for Christmas and we devoured them. I highly recommend going back and watching them and wondering about what might have been.

Inauguration Day is to Star Wars…

Is it just me, or does this Inauguration Day feel like the end of Return of the Jedi? The evil Emperor has been deposed. The heroes have taken control. Crazy crowds are cheering, passing the bodies of hapless stormtroopers overhead.

Yes, there’s a mess to clean up, but there’s also an overwhelming rush of optimism as the theme plays and the credits roll.

Can’t wait to see the next episode!

Things That Make Me Glad I Quit Star Wars Galaxies

This is one of those things that made me glad I gave up on the Star Wars Galaxies online game.

A collectible card game inside an MMO. Look, I know the two are related and the same people are probably interested. I know they probably make a lot of money off the EverQuest one they have. But, really, if they had taken the money they spent on this and hired some decent content developers, I would still be in the game and playing and they wouldn’t just be milking money out of the rather small number of people that still bother to play the game.


Of course, on the plus side, they have appearances by the Max Rebo band.

Max Rebo Band image from Star Wars Wiki

I really need this kewl Max Rebo cake for my birthday…..

Max Rebo rocks the cake

New Proposed Canadian Copyright Law Sucks

So, I can make a copy of my media for every device I own, but NOT if I have to break the encryption placed on it to do it. *SIGH* When will the powers that be in the entertainment industry realize that if they made it simple and cheap for me to move my content around, they could save millions to billions on what they are spending to build walls with giant gaping holes in them. Not to mention the millions they would save wining and dining politicians to write crappy legislation like this.

Why not just write a law that says, “If you purchased it, you can enjoy the content on any device you own. But you can’t give it to anyone else (save for immediate family members, say, as Natasha and I live under the same roof and share media). If we find out you gave something to someone else, or shared it via a P2P network or something, then you owe us.” Seems that simple. Don’t steal content.

A Disney Explanation of Copyright

Ever wonder what all the fuss about copyright is? Well some enterprising creative folks have taken it upon themselves to explain the whole thing using Disney characters. I think this video is hilarious, because it is an explanation of fair use, using things fairly. Or at least I think it’s fairly. I’m not a lawyer. I do work for Disney, but not in any position that deals with copyright law.

Enjoy A Fair(y) Use Tale, by Eric Faden.

George Wants To Read Your Junk Mail (Stop The Madness)

So George Bush has once again overstepped his bounds, again declaring himself emperor of the world and granting himself emergency powers to bypass the very checks and balances our Founding Fathers created to prevent the recreation of the very kind of tyranny he claims to be fighting.

George wants to read your mail without permission.

Personally, I think I’m going to send him a big bag of the crappy catalogs and junk mail offers I get. Maybe even print out some spam. I mean, if the poor guy is that hard up for stuff to read, I figure I ought to make it easy for him.